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Trisha Meili is one of the most sought after speakers on the lecture circuit today. Her speeches are uplifting, poignant, and filled with Trisha's wit and charm. Audiences are inspired through her story of Hope and Possibility®.

Topics include:

Teamwork: The Power of Support
Trisha stresses how outside support was vital to her healing. Family, friends, coworkers, doctors, nurses, and therapists all worked as a team to ensure Trisha's survival. Additional support came from strangers as an outpouring of thoughts, prayers, and warm messages provided a critical connection for Trisha, reaffirming that she was not alone in her ordeal. Trisha inspires others about the importance of "joining the team," regardless of the goal.

Leadership: The Power of Self-Knowledge
Self-knowledge is a critical element in any leadership practice. After the attack, Trisha was forced to learn to live in a new body with a new mind, to understand herself in an entirely new way. Becoming more acutely aware of her strengths and weaknesses helped Trisha develop confidence, which lead to setting goals and taking action to improve. Trisha encourages others to tap into the power of self-knowledge, take control and move forward.

Attitude: The Power of Choice
Trisha couldn't change what happened - the attack - but she realized that she could choose how to respond. Beyond her recovery, Trisha chose to use this adversity to offer hope and possibility to others. In everyday life, we make choices quite causally, even carelessly. But when people choose consciously and with precision - choose as though their life depends on the choice they are making, real power flows. Through her speaking and writing, Trisha inspires listeners to experience the power of making conscious choices.

Personal Growth: The Power of Possibilities
Trisha's transformation from someone in a wheelchair, who couldn't walk to once again being a determined athlete capable of completing a New York City Marathon, was the result of concentrating on her possibilities. Focusing on what she could do, rather than on what she couldn't, motivated her to keep pushing to the edges of what she thought was possible, regardless of the obstacles. As a best selling author and Chairman of a worldwide organization serving those with disabilities, Trisha shows the results of continued pushing and growing.

Mind/Body: The Power of the Present Moment
In the middle of a crisis, it is often difficult to figure out what to do first. When everything had been taken away from Trisha, she realized all she could do to improve her future was to work in the present moment. She offers this as critical insight to all of us who face business and personal challenges.

Peak Performance: The Power of Personal Responsibility
In the darkest days after the attack, Trisha took responsibility for her recovery, realizing that she was an integral part of the healing process. Soon after emerging from the coma when a nurse asked her, "Who's the captain of this ship?" Trisha replied, "I am." Taking responsibility in this way led Trisha to set, pursue and achieve goals, and touch thousands in the process. Trisha demonstrates to her audience that taking personal responsibility is the beginning of peak performance.